its not for some of us, its for all of us. look around you, from the houses that have been built, to the lightbulbs hanging within, the cars, the phones, and the airplane occasionally humming above you on its way from place to place….they weren’t gifts handed down from aliens, or buried treasures found in an 8th ocean..no. they were the achievements of men, mere men who never knew what would become of what they were pursuing…who strengthen their hearts when all words said IT CANT BE DONE. yet the kept on trying, they kept on fighting till they won. most did it not for money, or fame. most did it, because they couldn’t think of anything else, because they believed there is something at the end of the strange road.


now, its your time. you are the one on earth, you are the one with the dream, with the vision, with a dim visible image of what’s ahead of you. you’re the one the words are trying to bring you down, you’re the one they’re saying IT CANT BE DONE to. so what’re you going to do? are you going to close the window giving you that panorama of joy only your heart can see and feel? are you going to turn off the power driving you up so you can come under the laws of gravity keeping you and everyone else DOWN. are you going to WIN?

dont do it for the money. dont do it for the fame.

do it for those who’d be citing your life as a story of encouragement TOMORROW.

do it to have a page in the history books.

do it to save someone tomorrow from giving up.

in your eyes…see eternity…not today.

now go out there…

…and WIN.

By Augustine Gyimah Osei


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