Astronomers Detect Dark Matter Near The Sun

An international research team led by astronomers from the University of Zurich has announced that they’ve detected the presence of dark matter near our own Sun. They’re findings have been published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society. This finding is consistent with astronomical observations and helps clear up a mystery about the presence of dark matter in our solar system.

Dark matter is one of the most mysterious materials in the universe – known far more for what it isn’t than what is is. Scientists know that dark matter exists, because they can detect how its mass affects the universe around it. But dark matter does not give off any light, nor does it give off the chemical signatures of the ordinary types of matter we have here on Earth. What it actually is is still a mystery and subject to debate and experimentation. That said, it’s something that keenly interests astronomers and physicists because it comprises approximately 25% of the Universe. Thus, the astronomers success here could lead to knowing more about it.
Mapping The Universe Through Collective Brainpower
Alex Knapp
Forbes Staff
“Knowing the local properties of dark matter is the key to revealing just what kind of particle it consists of,” emphasized paper co-author George Lake in a press release. ”If dark matter is a fundamental particle, billions of these particles will have passed through your body by the time your finish reading this article. ”

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