Swimming for Swimmers

hardly do i ever sit back, in a usual leisure on any given day, to think about how wonderful it would be to know how to swim. yes, you guessed it, i dont know how to swim. but i do know how to drown, so i’m not totally ignorant on doing something worth watching when in water.

i just caught a short swimming competition broadcasting on tv. its one of the olympic games. what made me move ass to pc to write, was that at the end of the competition, a chinese swimmer had won. who here is a little shocked to find an asian swimmer emerge winner among pros, obviously, from America to Australia? ME ME ME. and then i passed a comment, they shouldnt throw any medal at him till he goes one-on-one with any swimmer from the Korle beach. yeah, those boys who cast themselves into the sea like a devil being driven out of a host, and splash their strong arms against tide and waves; we should have a show-down between that chinese man and any ga boy. am i out of my mind?


i need water…to drink, not drown in.

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